Major Tom 700C

The Major Tom brings together everything you have been looking for when taking that next step in the cyclocross circuit. The 23mm wide Major Tom provides incredible traction for unparalleled ground control. Designed with an 11mm braking surface for precise handling and braking, along with our seam relief channel which allows for consistent and reliable tubular tire installation. Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

All Custom Anodized colors are special order and will require at least 2 weeks for production. If black, polished, silver, or any other color is not listed under specs and drilling offerings, then they will be handled as a special order.



Rim Size: 700c

Width: 23mm

Height: 21mm

Optimal Tire Width: 25mm - 35mm

Tire Interface: Tubular

Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm

Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 622

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 598

Weight: 465g

Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:

20 spoke: Black

24 spoke: Black, Polished

28 spoke: Black, Polished

32 spoke: Black, Polished

36 spoke: Black

Non-Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:

24 spoke: Black

28 spoke: Black

32 spoke: Black

MSRP: $102.00 nonMSW | $110.00 MSW | +$50.00 Polished | +$30.00 Custom Anodized

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