You can view rim and wheel colors and availability listed on individual product pages.  

Please note: Custom anodizing, polishing, or a white powdercoat will add an upgraded charge per rim to the cost of any order. Allow three weeks for all custom anodizing orders.
Custom anodizing = $30 msrp/rim
Polishing and powdercoated white = $50 msrp/rim

Black | Silver | White | Polished | Mill Finish | Custom Anodization



White - a durable powder coated finish, can add up to 30g to the weight of a rim or wheel. Adds $50 on to the price of the rim or a wheel.




Polished - hand polished to a shiny finish, raw aluminum.  Adds $50 to the price of a rim or wheel.
*Note: Some polished rims may not require machining for rim brake compatibility. We machine our anodized rims to provide an aesthetically-pleasant product for our customers. Machining removes the outer-most layer of anodized material so that the brake pad does not wear away at the rim's surface. On our polished rims, the braking surface is adequate for a rim brake prior to being machined, and it is our preference to leave additional material on the rim to prolong the life of the wheels for our customers. 




Mill Finish

Current Custom Ano Colors

Custom Ano Colors available: Gray, Gold, Olive, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Atomic Tangerine
*Colors may vary slightly from what is depicted in the below photo - our Gray is much more gray/titanium looking than the below image.

Custom anodizing will add $30 MSRP to the price of a rim or wheel.

*Want a shinier look? When we anodize over polished rims, we're left with a "wet" look. Polished rim prices apply on top of the custom ano pricing.

Please allow at least three weeks for custom anodization.