A23 OC 700c

The A23 OC rim is the off center version of the popular A23. Off center design allows for dramatically improved spoke tension on a dished wheel. With a wider footprint, the A23 OC allows for a more aerodynamic rim/tire combination when paired with a 23c tire. The tire profile mimics the characteristics of a tubular, gaining increased control and lower rolling resistance without the inconvenience of tubular glue or the dangers of irreparable roadside mechanicals. A tubeless ready design makes this rim ideal for road and cyclocross applications. 

Tight tolerances require the use of a low profile rim tape like Velotape to avoid tire installation issues.  Veloplugs are not recommended on A23 or A23 OC rims.

3.0mm offset

Here's a video from wheelbuilder Bill Mould explaining the phsyical benefits of an off center rim design.

All Custom Anodized colors are special order and will require at least 2 weeks for production. If black, polished, silver, or any other color is not listed under specs and drilling offerings, then they will be handled as a special order.


Rim Size: 700c

Width: 23mm

Height: 19.5mm

Optimal Tire Width: 23mm - 35mm

Tire Interface: Clincher / Tubeless

Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm

Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 622

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 601

Weight: 460g

Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:

24 spoke: Black, Silver, Polished

28 spoke: Black, Silver, White, Polished

32 spoke: Black, Silver, White, Polished

36 spoke: Black, Silver, Polished

Non-Machined Sidewall Drillings/Colors:

24 spoke: Black

28 spoke: Black

32 spoke: Black

36 spoke: Black

MSRP: $106 | $112 MSW | +$50.00 Polished or White | +$30.00 Custom Anodized

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