aero section rim: a rim designed with slanted sides

box section rim: a rim designed with a traditional shallow rectangle shape

dish: the distance from hub locknut to rim sidewall, a measurement of how centered a wheel is

ERD: effective rim diameter, the diameter of a rim at the spoke bed used to calculate spoke length

hub flange: the portion of the hub where the spokes connect

kgf: kilograms of force, a common measurement for spoke tension

lacing pattern: the design in which spokes are woven together to connect a rim to a hub

lateral true: straightness of a wheel

mill finish: raw aluminum.  not anodized, painted or polished

MSW: Machined SideWall, for bikes with rim brakes

non-proprietary parts: items that are easy to find at any bike shop

radial true: roundness of a wheel

spoke bed: the section of the rim where the spokes connect

spoke nipple: a brass or aluminum nut that connects a spoke to a rim

stress relieving: the process of seating spokes and nipples in a wheel so that final tension can be achieved and maintained throughout the life of the wheel