Quill U.S. Build (Industry Nine) Wheelset


The Quill is our most innovative road rim to date. Utilizing design technology from our Aileron disc rim, we’ve evolved our most successful and proven A23 road rim and developed the Quill to be lighter, stiffer, and wider than its predecessor.

Featuring an outer width of 24.5mm and an internal width of 21.1mm, the Quill’s voluminous width provides riders with substantial lateral stiffness even in lower spoke counts and increased ride quality and control.  An aero profile provides significant performance and durability gains over previous rim brake models.  The Quill can easily be set up tubeless with the use of our 21mm wide Velotape.

Front hub:

Industry Nine's Torch Classic Road Front Hub

Rear hub:

Industry Nine's Torch Classic Road Rear Hub features a 60 point, 6 degree of engagement 3 pawl drive system & converts between:

130mm quick release, 9/10/11 speed Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo drivetrains


All Velocity wheels come with our best rim strip solution, Velotape for rims with a tubeless webbing and Veloplugs for rims with traditional/non-tubeless webbing.


*Stiffness Comparison Formula   = [((1/(Quill Displacement)-1/(A23 Displacement)))⁄(1/(A23 Displacement))]


Rims (Click For Color Options):
Quill 700c : 25mm - 47mm tires
Quill 650b : 25mm - 47mm tires

Spokes: Phil Wood Spokes

Nipples: Alloy

Lacing Pattern: Front: 20 hole radial / Rear: 24 hole 2x/Radial

Weight (Front/Rear):
700c: 670g/830g
650b: 645g/805g

All wheels are proudly handbuilt by

Rim sidewalls are machined for superior braking performance.

MSRP: $1185 + $60 Polished + $60 Custom Anodized

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