Dynamo Hubs

Shutter Precision Dynamo Hub 

Velocity Hub Dimensions

We stock the following models:

SP PV-8 Silver QR 36h, Part #H11-36

SP PV-8 Black QR 36h or 32h, Part #H12-xx

SP PD-8 Disc QR 36h or 32h, Part #H13-xx

SP PD-8X Disc 15mm TA 36h or 32h, Part #H13-xx-15

SP PD-7 Disc 12mm TA 32h, Part #H13-32-12


Location: Front

O.L.D.: 100mm

Disc Interface: 6 bolt

Axle Interface: Quick Release (10mm) 15mm thru-axle


32 spoke: Black.

36 spoke: Black. Silver.

MSRP: $90 QR | $150 TA - added on to the price of your wheelset, not for sale individually