Dynamo Hubs

With a Dynamo hub built into your Velocity wheel, you’ll never have to worry about batteries or charging electronics ever again! Whether you’re a commuter, randonneuring, you love technology, or you're doing the Baha Divide, we can help point you in the right direction. Our KT Dynamo hubs are available with end cap configurations to change the compatibility between 100 QR, or 12 or 15 thru axle. The disc hubs are available in 6-bolt or centerlock, for rim and disc in black or silver, for whatever set up you need on your bike.

We can build any rim up with a Dynamo hub. Adds $90 msrp for a road hub, $150 msrp for a disc QR or thru-axle hub, and $170 msrp for a boost front hub. These are also available for purchase individually at $170/$262/$312 msrp.