What you have here is quite possibly the most versatile item in all the land. No two are alike. Not because they are each special but because our printer at BikeRags drinks on the job. Some of the many uses of this amazing piece of cloth include but are not limited to:

1. Wrap it around your cranium to keep the awesome out of your eyes whilst exploring your local single track.
2. Use it as a makeshift filter for your hand selected, organically grown, responsibly sourced coffee grounds.
3. Blow your nose.
4. Blow your friend’s nose.
5. Let your dog wear it around his/her neck so all of the other dogs know that he/she is associated with the cowboy movement and not to be trifled with.
6. You are out for a hike and grandma’s meatloaf isn’t sitting well with you, nature calls rather abruptly and you just can’t part ways with your favorite pair of virgin wool socks.
7. A tourniquet in case things get real weird.

The possibilities are endless!


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