Chukker Clydesdale Wheelset

All Velocity wheels come with our best rim strip solution, Velotape for rims with a tubeless webbing and Veloplugs for rims with traditional/non-tubeless webbing.


Rims (Click For Color Options):
Chukker 700c : 25mm - 38mm tires
Chukker 26” : 25mm - 38mm tires

ATB Front Hub
ATB Rear Hub
Road Front Hub
Road Rear Hub

Spokes: DT Swiss Competition

Nipples: Brass

Lacing Pattern: 3x

Weight (Front/Rear):
700c (with Road hubs): 1000g/1295g
700c (with ATB hubs): 1010g/1280g
26" (with Road hubs): 910g/1200g
26" (with ATB hubs): 915g/1185g

When building a wheelset for our Clydesdale riders, every aspect of the wheel has been thought through. From selecting the proper rim for application and tire width, to the type of hub that provides these riders with the strength and durability they expect from a handbuilt Velocity wheel.  The final piece we consider when building the wheel is spoke count – for this we have developed a simple guide for selecting the proper wheelset.

After factoring in a riders weight and gear, we suggest for individuals between 200 lbs to 229 lbs we recommend a front and rear spoke count of 32 each; for individuals between 230 lbs and 259 lbs, a front and rear spoke count of 36 each; for individuals between 260 lbs and 300 lbs we recommend a front spoke count of 36 and a rear spoke count of 40.   These serve as simple guides for what wheelset will be best serve you, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions you might have with your wheelset, we are happy to help!

MSRP: $429.99

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